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The Lymphatic Brush x Face & Neck

Here is a clip from TLB Zoom Tutorial organized by Mandy @mandypitcherwellbeing, our UK Distributor. 

This 4-minute full face and neck routine can be done daily to help reduce stagnation and the cellular “clutter” (or toxic/cellular debris) in the tissue that contributes to most skincare issues. 

Work from your neck upward focusing on the major “catchment” areas, or lymph node clusters to create a “lymphatic waterfall” and support the natural flow of fluids and lymph. 

💦 Open lymphatic pathways
💦 Acne, Blackheads
💦 Sinus Congestion
💦 Calm Anxiety
💦 Minimize puffiness
💦 Diminish dark circles
💦 Soften laugh lines
💦 Sagging jowls
💦 Contour hjawline
💦 Release stress
💦 And more

This can be performed with the TLB Body Brush.

It’s not about PRESSURE, but rather CONNECTION of the textured bristles with the surface of your skin. Adjust as needed to make sure you remain connected as you sweep, stretch, rotate to manipulate the skin and flow of lymph. 

Stay tuned...I will be adding more clips from the Zoom Workshop! 

Have a great day! 
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “The Lymphatic Brush is the BEST travel buddy ever! ✈️🚂🚗

Supporting the health of the skin doesn’t have to be complicated or involve a gazillion steps and products. 

It’s all about creating movement in the underlying tissue and giving the “fluids and fibers” a healthy environment to function. 

In other words, helping filter the tissue and get rid of the “clutter” that is no longer needed. 

I call it “inner cleansing” and it helps my skin stay clear and my immune system robust when I’m on the road and subjected to all kinds of “unknowns.” 

Pro Tip: If crunched for time, focus on movements on your neck and BEHIND, BELOW and in FRONT of your ears. 

This is a clip from a quick tutorial I did on my way to the airport. I’m all about the efficient use of my time and I understand not having the patience or time for self-care. 

It’s one reason TLB is in an easy travel eco-case, so you can take it with you and give yourself some “sweeps” when and wherever you have time. 

FAQ: I cleansed, applied a serum and facial oil before leaving, so while my skin has products on it, I allowed time for them to absorb. 

Next stop Ft. Lauderdale for my 2nd to last Gua Sha Facial Fusion workshop of 2023. 

Thank you for being here! 

Wheels up! ✈️🛫
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Thank you Geraldine @shedskinclinic (Morden, London UK) for sharing your post surgery routine and the benefits of lymphatic drainage for supporting the healing process. 

#Repost with permission 

I had my parathyroid gland removed 2 weeks ago, I'd been having what I thought was peri menopausal /mptoms for years.

This is my scar 14 days post surgery, I took the surgical dressing off 2 days ago because it was making my skin incredibly itchy and inflamed.

Last night I decided to try reducing the inflammation and it worked!

✅ Lymph drainage 
✅ LED NIR light session
✅ Dermalogica Pro Restore serum

My scar is MUCH calmer today, and most importantly less painful and irritated.

All 3 therapies are available in clinic.
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Thank you Megan Niño @beautylovesnature for sharing this beautiful TLB routine. Megan is a Holistic Esthetician  in Boise, ID. If/when in the area, I recommend her highly. 
#Repost with permission 

"It is an honor to age," like Cindy Crawford says. I'm currently on a very heavy self-love ritual that involves organic skin care, Gua Sha, lymphatic drainage, & face massage.
This is the CJB lymphatic brush @cecilybraden I tooklà professional gua sha class with Cecily back in 2020, and it literally changed my life. I've always loved her modalities. (I don't get paid to promote)

If you already have this brush and have been using it, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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