Self-Care Face & Body Lessons

Self-Care Face & Body Lessons

The Lymphatic Brush face and body self-care lessons unlock the mysteries of manually manipulating the lymphatic system with easy-to-follow, step-by-step stress-free routines.

Cecily refers to it as the “lazy” way to healthy skin. The more you relax into each routine and allow the stress to drain from you, the better it works.

When you relax and calm your mind, it has a trickle down effect that slows your breathing and balances your nervous system. In turn, this will cause your vessel systems to expand, improving the flow of blood and fluids.

Forget complicated routines and start simply by clearing the clutter and obstacles that interfere with the systems of the skin and their ability to protect, heal, hydrate, nourish and cleanse.

Get started today!

Click Here– to download the face and body maps along with protocol directions

Professional Face & Body Courses

Professional Face & Body Courses

The Lymphatic Brush can be incorporated into any facial, massage or body treatment as a stand-alone service or enhancement.

Our professional online courses focus on easy-to-follow protocols that can be performed by a professional in a treatment room.

Lymphatic drainage is a restorative therapy that quiets the sympathetic nervous system, allowing the mind and body to rest and repair. Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and de-congestive benefits make it relevant for medical, spa and home-care practices.

Dr. Vodder MLD Intensive CE Training

Dr. Vodder MLD Intensive CE Training

For Licensed Spa & Wellness Professionals who want to increase their knowledge of the lymphatic system and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Learn the Dr. Vodder MLD technique along with a full comprehension of the lymphatic system.

A 4-day intensive program that guides you through the lymphatic system, providing the theory, techniques and hands-on experience to incorporate manual lymphatic drainage into your facial treatments with focus on the natural filtration system of the skin. NCBTMB Approved.



When in doubt, leave it out!

Before you begin, please review our list of contraindications.

There are four absolute, and a few relative contraindications that may require you to cease, or alter your treatment.

Step-By-Step Guide

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Love this video by @melindabognar_luxuryfacialist (Paris, France @ The Healing House). 

Melinda has attended The Lymphatic Brush Hands-on Training 2x and was our translator for the Paris Expo, so she is well-versed in the intricacies and use of TLB. If you’re in Paris and want an amazing facial, or massage please connect and visit her. 

If you’re a professional who is in need of instruction to get started before our training in October, please reach out to me, or her and we can schedule a hands-on tutorial. 

REPOST _________
Reduce puffiness, dark circles

Brighten complexion

Clear acne, blackheads

Ease sinus congestion

Minimize fluid retention, jowls

Expedite healing; eczema, psoriasis
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TLB x Terminus: 3-minute tutorial 

For those new here and who haven’t attended a training, I wanted to help you get started with a quick tutorial on the most important step when beginning any professional or personal care routine on the face, or body. 

Step 1: Opening Terminus

If you’re lacking time, this is where you should concentrate your time with additional sweeps downward on your neck behind, below and in front of your ears. 

The techniques can be transferred to working on yourself and are equally important. 

Please note everyone’s anatomy is a little different, so the soft hollow space at the base of your neck may be larger or smaller, so you may need to make some adjustments, or use the small brush. 

Avoid pressure and twisting! It’s a gentle rotation, so the textured bristles are able to engage the tissue to create a gentle stretch, or shift int he skin towards terminus. 

It’s common to see your neck begin to pulse as your vessel systems relax and dialate allowing for an increased flow of fluids, including blood flow without increased blood pressure. 

Upcoming Workshops 

📍Petaluma | June 16-17 
📍London | July waitlist
📍Zurich | July 12-13
📍New York | Sept 9-12
📍Paris | Oct Waitlist Open

NOTE: The Gua Sha Facial Fusion course includes instruction for TLB + transferring MLD techniques to a variety of facial massage tools. 
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The Lymphatic Brush x Stagnation
FAQ: What does “stagnation” look and feel like and how do I find it?
I equate encountering “stagnation” to the feeling of suddenly “walking in mud. It will cause the TLB to abruptly stop or slow down as it encounters congested areas.
As you sweep and stretch the skin, pay attention to the mobility of the tissue and what is happening above and below the area you’re working.
💦 Lack of movement in the tissue
💦 Firm, hardened
💦 Spongy, or gel-like
💦 Puffy, tenderness
💦 Acne, redness
💦 Spider veins
💦 Discoloration
These are all signs of “stagnation” and an accumulation of fluids and waste creating blockages in the tissue. 
💦 Thixotropy

The ground substance in the connective tissue is thixotropic, which means it has the ability to change from being thick and gel-like to a more fluid state, which affects the flow of fluids.
When you encounter stagnation, or this gel-like state of the tissue, slow down and gently work into the border where it’s tight and direct the fluids towards the nearest lymph node region.
💦 Face: Downward towards neck
💦 Legs: Upward towards back of knee and groin
This video is a textbook definition of what stagnation looks and feels like and how you can soften the tissue to increase flow.
💦TLB Hands-on Workshop

📍Paris | April 16-17 sold out
📍Paris | April 12 Self-care Masterclass
📍Petaluma | June 16-17 (3 spaces)
📍London | July waitlist 
📍Zurich | July 12-13
📍New York | Sept 9-12
MLD Intensive with @ashley_j0

📍Costa Mesa, CA | May 5-8 
📍New York, NY | June 3-6
📍Lakewood, CO | Sept 23-26
📍New York | Sept 9-12
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