Frequently Asked Questions

You can use The Lymphatic Brush whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. For best results, we recommend at least 2x per day; morning immediately after showering and evening after cleansing your skin, or simply to calm and quiet your mind before bed.

Consistency is key, so shorter daily routines are better than longer, less frequent use.

Due to the gentle nature of manual lymphatic drainage and the soft bristles of The Lymphatic Brush, it’s unlikely you will damage your skin, or “over use” it. However, we always recommend a short pause after each use to allow your skin the ability to “rest and respond.”

Lymphatic drainage is slow, and although manual manipulation increases the rate of the lymphatic vessel contractions, your body needs time to filter and process the excess fluids, cellular waste, proteins and pathogens in order to heal and protect.

For elderly, or people with extremely thin, fragile skin, use of the face brush is recommended since the bristles are slightly softer and provide a feather-like touch.

The best time to use The Lymphatic Brush is after the shower while the skin is still slightly damp to increase the gentle “grip” on the skin and slight lymphatic “pull,” without the need to apply pressure.

The heat from warm water increases circulation and an influx of fluid into your tissue. Using the brush afterward will decrease the fluid and flush out additional cellular waste.

No! The best part about The Lymphatic Brush is it does not require any products. It is best used after the shower, or your cleansing routine when the skin is freshly hydrated (can be slightly damp), or on completely dry skin as well.

Afterward, apply your favorite skin and body care products afterwards.

Note: If your skin is dry and you wish to apply something hydrating, we recommend a non-greasy serum-like product that will absorb completely and not transfer to the brush.

Recommended serum: Aypa Camu Camu

Caring for The Lymphatic Brush is similar to cleaning a makeup or mask brush.

We recommend deep cleansing The Lymphatic Brush at least 1x per month with a mild facial cleanser or anti-bacterial soap. If you use over make-up or travel without the case, you may wash more frequently.

The Lymphatic Brush is intended to be used on freshly cleansed skin, so there shouldn’t be any oil or makeup to contend with deep down in the bristles.

Quick cleanse: spray with a 70% isopropyl alcohol and wipe the bristles clean with a soft cloth, or paper towel.

Deep cleanse: 1-2x per month, or after use on clients in a facial or body treatment.

1. Apply a mild facial cleanser or anti-bacterial soap to the palm of your hand + a little water.

2. Using light pressure, gently cleanse the surface of the bristles with circular rotations in your palm. You don’t need to drench the brush with soap or water, or work the cleanser deep into the bristles.

3. Rinse the soap thoroughly from the surface of the brush, keeping the bristles facing downward or to the side.

4. Shake to remove excess water

5. Gently rub on a clean terry towel or wash cloth to remove any excess water.

6. Dry with bristles facing down to allow any excess water to drain.

7. Once dry, place back in the eco-travel case. Do not put back in the eco-carrying case wet.

How to Cleanse The Lymphatic Brush: Link to video


The Lymphatic Brush should be stored in its protective case to keep it clean between use. When in its case, the bristles will face downward.

Yes, lymphatic drainage is incredibly effective for clearing acne through the process of “inner cleansing” and filtering any cellular debris and waste within the tissue. It helps reduce painful inflammation and erythema (redness).

For best results, be sure to work your neck first, and all areas below (not on) the pustules, or areas of inflammation. Use light, overlapping downward strokes, or static pumping.

Yes, you can use The Lymphatic Facial Brush over fillers and botox.

A function of the lymphatic system is to filter and sequester foreign and toxic substances; therefore, the effect of botox may be shortened, but the vitality of your skin improved.

Always use an extremely light touch and focus on areas around and below fillers as well as areas other than the injection site.

Yes, depending on the surgery. The Lymphatic Brush is an excellent way to reduce inflammation and expedite the healing process. Work below the area (not on) affected by the surgery. This will help drain fluids and reduce swelling.

Yes, The Lymphatic Brush can be used directly on, and below bruises.

MLD can help expedite the healing process by enhancing circulation and the flow of fluid in lymphatic vessels. It helps reduce inflammation and release any trapped blood cells.

The Lymphatic Brush is safe to use in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. It should not be used in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

The Lymphatic Brush is a great tool to use while breastfeeding.

Yes, The Lymphatic Brush can definitely be used if you have edema, as long as it’s not heart edema (congestive heart failure).

You can lightly brush directly on and over the edema, but it is important to focus treatment on the lymph node clusters above the edema.

Yes, you can still use The Lymphatic Brush if you had lymph nodes removed, but you will  need to alter the pathway and direct fluids to other neighboring lymph nodes to help decrease the load on the affected area.

  1. Stimulate the lymph nodes in the affected and neighboring areas
  2. Direct fluid away from the scar or incision.
  3. Following the lymphatic pathways, drain fluid away from the affected site towards the healthy areas.

For example, if you have had your axillary (underarm) lymph nodes removed, direct the fluids over the chest to the opposite arm, and below to the groin.

Please click here to read our full list of contraindications before starting.

When in doubt leave it out and check with your doctor, or a Certified Lymphedema Specialist before beginning any self-care, or professional routine on clients.


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