Sustainability Overview

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A Conscious Consumer Choice

Sustainability in the health and wellness industry starts with a shift in how we view and care for our ourselves. We must consider and seek to balance the physical, mental, financial, and environmental impact of what we purchase.

The Lymphatic Brush is part of a conscious consumer choice that focuses on a minimalistic approach to skincare that prioritizes our internal health.

By focusing on our internal health and improving the function of our skin from within, we’re able to maximize the effectiveness of the products we use and reduce our dependency on complicated skincare routines and costly programs that often don’t work.

It’s a conscious consumer choice based on the awareness that “less is more” and ultimately, reduces waste on a grander scale. Less products = less investment = less waste.

  • Focus on function; improve internal health
  • Clear clutter; get rid of what’s not working
  • Ease financial stress; save money
  • Simplify routine; reduce anxiety, shame, guilt
  • Have more time to rest; enjoy downtime
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A Minimalist x Modern Approach

The way we view beauty and aging is evolving and our practices and purchases need to align with our goals based on healthy and attainable results, along with eco-conscious ways to achieve them.

The Lymphatic Brush isn’t fast fashion, a fad, or hyped wellness trend. It’s a tool that supports the science of the skin and natural filtration system of our body. It’s a gentle, pragmatic approach that “clears the clutter” and allows your skin and body to work better for you.

  • Irrigate tissue, filter cellular waste, reduce cellulite
  • Pain relief, post-operative, chronic
  • Improve absorption of nutrients
  • Reduce inflammation; expedite healing
  • Support immune system
  • Improve digestion; calm nervous system
  • Decongest; reduce puffiness, edema

Caring for the inner function is a sustainable solution that gives us an opportunity to support our health and well-being with minimal cost and interference with our personal eco-system.

A minimal approach allows us to focus on what our skin needs and weed out what it doesn’t. This includes excess products and cure-alls that interfere, distract, and create additional stress that perpetuates the problem. Products should support the function of your skin routine, not be the foundation of it.

The Lymphatic Brush is a sophisticated, sustainable solution that isn’t complicated.

How to Recycle

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A Minimalist x Memorable Approach

When considering packaging, sustainability and saving was at the top of our list. We turned the “unboxing” experience into an opportunity to provide a memorable eco-conscious experience by focusing on 3 main areas:

  1. Recycle: Use of recycled and recyclable materials
  2. Repurpose: Plant the label, grow a plant 
  3. Replenish: Save money and reduce waste by lessening the dependency on costly skincare products.

Recycle: The Lymphatic Brush (vegan)

The faux wooden handle,* along with the eco-protective cases are made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Remove the bristles from the faux wooden handle before recycling.

The bristles are made with a durable, moisture resistant FDA-USDA approved PBT thermoplastic. It’s designed to withstand repetitive use, while maintaining their shape and softness. Not recyclable.

*Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certified

Repurpose: Plant the CJB Logo Band  

The CJB logo band is made of 100% seed paper!

To use, cut into small pieces, plant in soil, set in a sunny place, and water a little bit daily. The seed is a Portulaca flower.

Our corrugated boxes are recyclable, and our recyclable tissue paper is made of 80% post industrial and 20% post consumer waste. The ph level is neutral.

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Flush excess fluid and cellular waste to revive tired, restless legs, reduce swelling, improve digestion, minimize the appearance of cellulite, support the immune system and assist your body’s ability to heal.



Best Deal! Your full-body and facial lymphatic drainage solution. Target sluggishness, reduce inflammation, clear congestion, improve common skin concerns and support your immune system from head to toe.



Achieve healthy, glowing and clear skin by supporting the skins natural filtration system to remove excess fluid and cellular waste that contribute to acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles and sensitivities.