The Lymphatic Brush

The Lymphatic Brush is not a dry brush, a make-up brush, or a cleansing brush. The patented design provides an easy, ergonomic and effective way to incorporate lymphatic drainage into your professional and self-care face and body routines.

Cecily Braden has revolutionized “bristle” face and body brushes with the introduction of The Lymphatic Brush

The patented design features a unique bristle pattern and density combination that grips the skin in a precise way, targeting the superficial lymph vessels residing just under the skin. When combined with specialized techniques, it mimics the passive contractions of the lymph vessels to manually propel fluids and stimulate lymph flow.

The ergonomic contoured shape ensures proper contact with the surface of the skin and accurate alignment with the lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways.

Although they appear the same, the face and body brush bristles differ slightly to provide appropriate pressure from head to toe. The bristles are soft, but durable. They won’t scratch, irritate, or damage sensitive and fragile skin types.

The Lymphatic Brush makes it easy to effectively incorporate lymphatic drainage into your professional treatments and self-care routines.

Let’s get flowing…



Flush excess fluid and cellular waste to revive tired, restless legs, reduce swelling, improve digestion, minimize the appearance of cellulite, support the immune system and assist your body’s ability to heal.



Best Deal! Your full-body and facial lymphatic drainage solution. Target sluggishness, reduce inflammation, clear congestion, improve common skin concerns and support your immune system from head to toe.



Achieve healthy, glowing and clear skin by supporting the skins natural filtration system to remove excess fluid and cellular waste that contribute to acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles and sensitivities.

As a sun worshipper, I’ve noticed that with just a little use every day, my pigmentation and the overall texture of my skin is smoother. Plus the stress relief! If you’re the type glued to your computer, just take a break and use along your jawline, shoulders and neck. A little goes a long way to dissipate a full day on the laptop.

Christina C.

As someone diagnosed with Lipedema, I’ve struggled with the fluid in my legs for years.  Fluctuating constantly, it’s frustrating and embarrassing. Dry brushing is too painful as the skin becomes very sensitive to the slightest touch. The Lymphatic Body Brush has not only helped my lymph drainage, it also feels so soothing and easy to use.

As a holistic esthetics practitioner, I know the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage on a daily basis. This brush will allow even a novice to have an at home self care practice in place.

Lee Z., Holistic Practitioner

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A Minimalist x Modern Approach 

Sustainability in the health and wellness industry starts with a shift in how we view and care for our ourselves. We must consider and seek to balance the physical, mental, financial, and environmental impact of what we purchase.

The Lymphatic Brush is part of a conscious consumer choice that focuses on a minimalistic approach to skincare that prioritizes our internal health. By focusing on our internal health and improving the function of our skin from within, we’re able to maximize the effectiveness of the products we use and reduce our dependency on complicated skincare routines and costly programs that often don’t work.

It isn’t fast fashion, a fad, or hyped wellness trend. It’s a tool that supports the science of the skin and natural filtration system of our body. It’s a gentle, pragmatic approach that “clears the clutter” and allows your skin and body to work better for you.

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Now that I found you….

💦Heal acne
💦Brighten complexion
💦Lighten dark circles 
💦Calm inflammation
💦Reduce puffiness
💦Clear congestion & sinuses
💦Instill inner peace, relaxation
💦Expedite healing process
💦Lighten hyperpigmentation
💦Diminish clogs in the lymph pathways

Once you get things flowing within, the body’s regulatory processes take over and are able to clear congestion and accumulations that impede the skins ability to heal and bring about its vitality. 

The skin is smart, but sometimes it just needs a little nudge and help clearing the clutter, so it can function at optimal levels. 

Pro tip! Look at the slight bounce and movement in the tissue as Noriko @japanesefacemassageny (NYC) works her way upward with overlapping sweeps.

You can transfer this technique to use on yourself. Start and your neck or jawline and work your way upward, just under the area of concern. 
The Lymphatic Brush Pro Class
📍Redondo Beach, CA (Oct 11)
📍New York, NY (Nov 6)
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Here’s a little Hump Day “Can’t Harsh my Shine” to help you get through the week.
👉Follow Leah @LymphLoveClub for the 4-1-1 on how to live and love a lymph-focused lifestyle. And, if you're ever Austin, TX and need a little MLD-TLC be sure to visit her at Align Massage Co 💦

Congratulations on your Lymphedema Certification!!!! 🥳🎈🎉
As I work towards my lymphedema certification, I look at this brush (@the_lymphatic_brush) and I see a dynamic lymph mover that’s right for all skin types and lymphatic systems. Especially for those with more sensitive skin that courser bristles would be a no-no for. They deserve lymph love too!

Miss @cecilybraden spent years designing this innovative tool. You don’t use it like a dry brush because it’s not a dry brush. It’s somethin’ else.

Check it out if dry brushing doesn’t feel like it’s “for you”. Lymph love is for you.

Make great pets,
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The Jawline x The Lymphatic Brush: Part 3
The jawline is another area that tends to get what I call “sticky” due to the  conglomeration of muscle attachments, vascular, neural and lymph pathways that lie along its path.
🏴‍☠️ Stress and tension often manifest in the jawline, creating tiny treasure troves of accumulated fluids, adhesions and tangles in the tissue that compromise the behavior of the underlying structures and systems of the skin. 
🤷🏼‍♀️When it comes to treatment, it’s difficult to separate the need for lymph drainage and releasing the restrictions that impede the flow of fluid since they go hand in hand.
It’s a little like the “chicken and the egg.” What came first? 🐣🐥🥚
🤔Are the restrictions impeding the flow, or is the stagnation of fluids creating adhesions that restrict the flow?
Since it’s a little of both, I suggest combining The Lymphatic Brush with other facial massage techniques (Gua sha) and exercises to keep the fluids and various layers of tissue and muscle fibers mobile and hydrated, so they can easily slide and glide.
🎥👀View the 2 previous posts and read the caption for more information on the drainage patterns that directly affect the jawline.
The skin needs movement and providing various forms of “external tension” helps maintain its ability to communicate and clear noxious accumulations that contribute to most skin health problems.
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